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Angui Certification Technology Service Co.,LTD warmly welcome all kinds of talents to join in, we will insert the cause of your wings, set up the stage of life, together to create the future together.

English Translator/Interpreter

Position Responsibilities:

1.To translate documents;  
2.To communicate with international clients directly. 
3.To assist project engineers with projects. 

Position Qualifications

1.Bachelor degree or above, good at oral English. 
2.Good at writing. 
3.Holding a responsible and conscientious attitude towards work, and being patient.  
 4.Being professional and of team spirit.  
5.Having working experience in similar trade is preferred.   Someone applies for this position should be good at oral English for he is going to communicate with international clients directly. Graduating students with excellent competence are acceptable.

Wages and Working Treatment

1.Wages are depends on competence and working experience. 
2.Employer contributes to social security for employees. 
3.Eight-hour day, two-day weekend, national statutory holidays.

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