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SASO Product Certification

Join Date:  2017/5/25

Product  Approvals are valid for products that have been shipped frequently  within one year and have received product registration certification  (applications that have completed at least 4 times B). The  IAF needs to confirm that the previous product report is valid and  requires the IAF to carry out the plant inspection twice a year for the  production plant. Qualified IAF issued a PC certificate, the certificate is valid for 1 year. The CoC is not required for pre-shipment inspection of the product.

The first step: the factory to apply for a permit, the application conditions are as follows:

● at least 4 times the way to complete the application;

● 2 times the factory audit, and the audit results are qualified;

● with ISO17025 qualified laboratories issued to meet the requirements of the test report.

Step 2: After the goods are produced, apply for the CoC certificate. The following information is required:

● CoC application form;Packing list Invoice;

● FORMM number.

After the information is complete, the goods will be a certain percentage of inspection and supervision.

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