Saber Certification

Saber Certification

SABER is an electronic service system that issues certificates of conformity according to Saudi standards and regulations. Under the supervision of the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Organization, cooperating with Thiqah to provide commercial services to facilitate the process of goods and products entering the Saudi market (whether imported or locally produced) ,aim to prevent counterfeit and inferior products from entering the market.

The Saber service connects suppliers and investors with legal representatives of the authority that conducts compliance inspections, and issues certificates of compliance for products sold in the Saudi market.

The importance of the Saber certificate is to confirm whether the product meets Saudi standards and regulations. When importing any high-risk or medium-risk products,it will prevent counterfeit and substandard products and even will protect investors from fraud.

Our service:
Help customers (importers) create SABER accounts, register products, obtain product certificates or self-declarations, and obtain batch shipping certificates.
Assist customers to solve the SABER system problems they encountered.
For these cases, we will no longer release the original certificate or self-declaration.
For regulated products, in our registered area and scope, review documents and issue product certificates through the SABER system.
After receiving requirement, review the documents through SABER system and issue batch shipping certificate.

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